Stay alive, fight your way to the end; but beware the Donsols.

Donsol is a dungeon crawler card game played with a standard 54 card deck. It was designed by John Eternal during the 2015 train jam, and turned into a mobile and desktop game later by HundredRabbits.

"Honestly, if the creating pair put out a physical version of Donsol, Id jump for it - the cards are readable and attractive."

Daniel Fries (Kill screen)


Download Assets .zip Developer: Hundredrabbits, Pacific Ocean Release date: April 2015 Stores:, Appstore Platforms: iOS, PC, Mac and Linux Price: USD $2.00 Demo: Send us a request


A deck of cards into a dungeon crawl (Rock paper shotgun) The latest place you can explore (Killscreen) The clone that wasn't (Offworld) Rekka Bellum Art and animation Devine Lu Linvega Programming and music John Eternal Game design Developer Hundredrabbits Email Twitter @rekkabell @neauoire